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100 TEES

Terrell Davis X GODDESS Tee


For Summer 2017, GODDESS presents an official collaboration with Terrell Davis.

Using digital environments as my medium, I combine these elements into uncanny renderings of items or “desktops” as they have popularly been dubbed–a playful, messy amalgamation of objects and lighting designed to command the viewer’s attention. These scenes comprise of recreations of everyday, real-life products to expensive luxury items one could only dream of owning. This lets the viewer seem familiar but also not, as the works' juxtaposition ranges from normal to chaotic, depending on how I feel when I make it.
-Terrell Davis

Tee color is black.

Made in USA.

Made to order. Will ship in 1-2 weeks from date of purchase.

Machine wash with like colors.

100% Cotton.


Chest Sizes:
Small....... 36"
Medium.... 40"
Large........ 44"
XL............ 48"
XXL.......... 52"
XXXL…….. 56”

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tee cards fin-02.png