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Tagen Donovan X GODDESS Tee


For Summer 2017, GODDESS presents an official collaboration with Tagen Donovan.

Tagen Donovan is a London based artist specialising in collage. Tagen has worked on a number of visually engaging projects hosted by a network of niche international fashion brands and publications such as: Le Mile Magazine, Novembre Magazine and Kitsune. 

Inspiration for Tagen is drawn from fervent colours found in the theatrics of contemporary culture. Referencing abstract forms throughout her work creating a sense of playful animation.  

Tee color is black.

Made in USA.

Made to order. Will ship in 1-2 weeks from date of purchase.

Machine wash with like colors.

100% Cotton.


Chest Sizes:
Small....... 36"
Medium.... 40"
Large........ 44"
XL............ 48"
XXL.......... 52"
XXXL…….. 56”

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tee cards fin 2-03.png