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Loverboy X GODDESS Tee


For Summer 2017, GODDESS presents an official collaboration with Loverboy Magazine.

Loverboy is a queer fashion and lifestyle magazine. As well as talking to recognisable characters from the LGBT world it also aims to shine a light on those sitting on the sidelines of the queer community. To date we have turned Francois Sagat, the ultimate French porn pin up, into Madonna, we've had RuPauls' Drug Race winner, Violet Chachki, channel her favourite horror movie hoes and Mexican Wrestling drag queen superstar, Cassandro, tell us his incredible life story as well as Peter Tatchell, Janice Dickinson, Hercules & Love Affair and more. Find out more at www.LoverboyMagazine.com / www.Facebook.com/LoverboyMagazine /

Exclusive tee artwork was created by FreddeLanka!

Tee color is White.

Made in USA.

Made to order. Will ship in 1-2 weeks from date of purchase.

Machine wash with like colors.

100% Cotton.


Chest Sizes:
Small....... 36"
Medium.... 40"
Large........ 44"
XL............ 48"
XXL.......... 52"
XXXL…….. 56”

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tee cards fin-08.png
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